Skype 5 for Mac continues to frustrate – how’s it treating you?

It is rare that a new program to generate nothing but positive feedback, but the world’s most popular VoIP app is apparently with throngs of loyal Mac users, including a number of technically savvy people to this very frustrated wall. An excellent comparison of the old with new to Ignore code was born, and it was asking us – the average consumer, this can be seen in a different way? There is no question that Skype for Mac 5 looks hell of a lot of non-Windows builds, but the above article points out, it seems that the UI engineers to reduce the level of OS X version of its Windows version , instead of
pull-up. What makes the new edition is to swallow as difficult as the ideal model was before – now its offline contact information, discussions and work on the basic tasks of Skype should be considered here. So we leave it to you, Skype is not in the wrong direction in terms of usability and functionality, and should be a common world just to get a grip?

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