How To Disable the Camera Sound of Nokia 5800 / N97 / 5230 / 5233

I’m sure most of you have tried at some point or the other to turn off the camera / shutter sound while taking pictures or videos for a variety of reasons. While a handful of product codes, you can simply turn off the “warning tones” from the menu sections to mute the camera sound on most hand phones, but the tip does not work on some phones.

If that does not work, then it is not possible on your particular version mobile phone. Some are intended for sale in markets where a camera phone has to make a sound through the law, so that it is impossible to photograph people without their knowledge.

But you don’t need to be worry, as you are here for solution so here it is: Given this very small patch (less than 1KB); you can install to get rid of the annoying sound. There is no need to “hack” your phone to work for them.

How To Disable the Camera Sound of Nokia 5800 / N97 / 5230 / 5233
  1. Download the patch here.
  2. Sign with your cell
  3. Install it
  4. Restart your phone
  5. Go to profile and turn off “Warning Tone”
  6. Now u can take a picture without sound
Enjoy with the disabled camera shutter sound:)

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  • but sis flie can not work nokia 5233

  • plese how can mute camera sound ..

  • It works perfectly fine with Nokia 5233, give it a try again.

  • it is not giving to install on the phone.
    it is asking for certificate.

  • @lokesh
    Where to sign up ?

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • what's that sign with ur cell…
    Plz help…

  • @ lokesh
    dude! m not getting ur point, which sign ?

  • Ali faisal

    its file formate is not suported.plz tel any way to disable the camera cpture tone?

  • Anonymous

    it's not working on my 5233
    i click the .sis file, but appears "certificate error. contact the application supplier"

  • Anonymous

    why am i downloading a link instead of a software?

    user of 5800

  • How u trying to download ?

  • Anonymous

    Idiots.. Sign the app using your phone's cert & key.
    If you are too much of a noob to know what I'm talking about, then I hope you should not be owning a smartphone at all.!!

  • Anonymous

    Worked fine for my 5233….. @shub