How To Make Camera Shutter Sounds Silent on Samsung Galaxy S2

Are you angry with the camera voice of Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone ? The shutter sounds are annoying sometimes when Baby is sleeping, and you going to make pictures of him with Samsung Galaxy S2, then camera shutter will certainly disturb the baby. Here are some guidelines that will help you to disable the camera sounds on Samsung Galaxy S2.

There are two ways you can monitor that is easy:

Method 1

  • Create a file called “local.prop” in /data/ if it is not there already. e.g. “/data/local.prop
  • Open the file “/data/local.prop
  • Add a line to file: = 0
  • Reboot and all the sounds the camera application is completely silent.
  • To restore the sound, you can either change or delete the file local.prop code: = 1

Method 2: ADB

  • Download local.prop.rar and unzip it
  • Copy the “local.prop” file to ADB folder
  • ADB push local.prop /data/ local.prop
  • Turn on the phone.
  • To restore the sounds, remove local.prop and restart

Thats it! The camera shutter is now configured with the Phone Sound, means if the Phone is on Silent then there will be no sound of Camera and vice versa.

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