How To Make Camera Shutter Sounds Silent on Samsung Galaxy S2

Are you angry with the camera voice of Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone ? The shutter sounds are annoying sometimes when Baby is sleeping, and you going to make pictures of him with Samsung Galaxy S2, then camera shutter will certainly disturb the baby. Here are some guidelines that will help you to disable the camera sounds on Samsung Galaxy S2.

There are two ways you can monitor that is easy:

Method 1

  • Create a file called “local.prop” in /data/ if it is not there already. e.g. “/data/local.prop
  • Open the file “/data/local.prop
  • Add a line to file: = 0
  • Reboot and all the sounds the camera application is completely silent.
  • To restore the sound, you can either change or delete the file local.prop code: = 1

Method 2: ADB

  • Download local.prop.rar and unzip it
  • Copy the “local.prop” file to ADB folder
  • ADB push local.prop /data/ local.prop
  • Turn on the phone.
  • To restore the sounds, remove local.prop and restart

Thats it! The camera shutter is now configured with the Phone Sound, means if the Phone is on Silent then there will be no sound of Camera and vice versa.

NOTE: If you have any issue, leave a comment. But hopefully the post have solved your issue, so here under are many options to say thanks,

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  • What is ADB?

  • ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. It comes as a part of the standard Android SDK, which you can get here:

  • Anonymous

    i tried it but it didnt work

    i have an android folder, which has a data folder, in there i made a folder called local.prop and then made a file

    do all the casings have to be in lower cases??

    has anyone tried it and it worked?

  • You need to make a FILE named as "local.prop", not a folder.

  • Anonymous

    thanx for the reply Aamir, hope ramadans going well…

    i tried that also and its still making a noise….

    if its not too much trouble, can you go through it step by step..

    my phones is in silent mode.

    has it worked for you??

  • Anonymous

    i will tell you step by step what i am doing….

    i downloaded Es file explorer…in there, there is a folder called android, inside that is a folder called data ! in there i made a file called local.prop , and in there i wrote that line…. then i turned my phone off n on… but it didnt mute the sound???

  • Anonymous


    Doesn't appear to work for me…

    I have created the file called local.prop using notepad, added the line = 0
    and a blank line underneath and then copied the file to the /data/ folder. Restarted phone, no joy. Just to confirm, this is under /data/ and not /android/data/ or someother random folder /data/ ?

  • The file goes under the /android/data/

  • moh

    it doesnt work….

  • Anonymous

    I believe that this change makes the camera sound follow the system sound setting so you will have to mute the system sounds via the volume settings. Might be linked to your general volume control though.

  • Yeah Exactly, Its already mention in the guide as: "The camera shutter is now configured with the Phone Sound, means if the Phone is on Silent then there will be no sound of Camera and vice versa."

  • moh

    yes i had my phone on silent but still it did not work…

    i heard something about uk phones are not rooted or something… and you have to delete .ogg files???

    has it actually worked for anyone?

  • eLo

    Please update to latest firmware via Kies (you can get in from Samsung official website [search for phone model and download it]), this takes just a few moments and when you put your phone on Silence camera sound will be gone.

    You do not need a rooted phone, no files added extra in any android/data/ parts just your phone on silence. Once you put your phone to Sound, camera will also make sounds when you take a picture.

  • Anonymous

    I tried making a local.prop.txt file in the Android/data/ folder and restarted my phone.

    I then turned it on silent and the shutter noise is still there
    Am I doing something wrong??

    Greatly appreciated if someone can lend a helping hand!

  • Anonymous

    I dunno how some people couldn't follow simple instructions. The file you need to create is called local.prop and not local.prop.txt

  • Anonymous

    Took a while to find the right /data/ but eventually its working with a ROM installed. Thank you

  • Anonymous

    doesnt work waste of time

  • what type of file do you create?

  • its local.prop. "prop" is the file extension.

  • Very nice! the second method worked for me. I unzipped the file and placed it in androiddata. very simple.. now when i have my gs2 in silent mode, the camera is also quiet!

  • Anonymous

    Just turn phone to silent and then the camera shutter will turn off the sound automatically.No need to create any file..As simple as that.

  • Anonymous

    you don't go into file explorer and create a file.. this is a command which you're supposed to type in command line, like in Linux.

  • Wee

    what does "ADB push local.prop /data/ local.prop" means?

  • Anonymous

    people for this to work I believe your phone must be rooted…

  • Anonymous

    permission DENIED

    god, whoever you don't need to root is just crazy

  • Anonymous

    not work. waste time

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it definitely doesn't work on the Epic 4G Touch.

  • Anonymous

    are you supposed to download the prop file on the computer than bluetooth it to your phone or you could download it on your phone?

  • Anonymous

    My method, install audioGuru or another sound manager program, set System Sound Volume to 0 or you preferred volume for the camera. It work to me.

  • Anonymous

    The audioGuru didnt work for me. The local.prop file is still not working. I see in myFiles that the file is listed under /sdcard/Android/data/ . Does it matter that it shows /sdcard/ ? I also tried the other data folder but that is listed under /sdcard/data/ . I checked and that is not my sdcard. My sdcard is listed under external_sd.

  • Anonymous

    i believe most computers are set to not show FILE EXTENSIONS.

    this may cause all your created files from notepad to appear as "local.prop.txt"

    go figure how you show file extensions in your windows xp/7/whatever, and try it again. after saving your file, it should change its icon, instead of a notepad icon.

    may be worth a try?

  • Anonymous

    Does this method works on Galaxy Note?

  • These methods do not work at all.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks AAMIR….this works for me….

  • Anonymous

    There are different versions of the G2 phone, sprint has a different one from AT&T…I have Sprint and it did not work for me. It was successful in silencing my start up sound, but my camera still makes the noise.