Trends show Android leading the market

The few studies that Nielson said that “vigorous”, but it is quiet – not in the title. But research is to exercise and see the statistics on the smartphone market, but it is always worth taking a look and speculating on a bottom-line numbers to the large total market share.

They are both beautiful maps detail the distribution of operating systems and manufacturers of smartphones-owners must be noted, represents only about 25% (Update: actually says is fully consistent, 34%, comScore says more lower, around 27%, my estimate was low), the mobile-using population, at least in the United States. Data through January of this year, so it’s really up to date. So who will win? All it seems. It is really a dead heat at the moment, but like jell-o, there is always room for analysis.

As usual, Apple and RIM inertial significant advantage of both the manufacturer and operating system. They have total control, and consumer confidence. On the other hand, they are not able to delete the skin and rebrand your liking, such as Motorola and HTC have done. This inflexibility means stolidity and the brand is not so much on the younger generation, and although the statistics now show only a very short lead 18-24 demographic, it is important not appear related brands Android vulnerability among people young.

We know all that Android is no where to go but up, because
it has only barely begun to crack the feature phone market by Apple and RIM are not really able to attack without damaging the brand. When Android starts to crack “phone first” obstacle (perhaps to simplify the boil skin growth as LG or Samsung), ie pre-18 demographic, you’d better believe that should extend the age gap .

On the other hand, it is clear that he is fighting Android mobile phone manufacturers maintain their share, because they are fighting on several fronts. It is true to say that now they’re fighting over scraps, with a market share of some of the same type as the sole owner or the edge of Apple, but to establish a pecking order means that when these early the proportion is growing and can eventually be part of the Android Market IOS higher standard set on the market. It’s a long ways off, however, and little is ever on the competition. After all, the iPad will protect the gadget and gate, and, of course, Apple computers are much more popular that the young demographic, so it’s still anybody’s game.

These small differences are increasing, however, and when it is in battle right now, it’s still early days to the race, if you can really say about the end of the race at all.

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