Download VirusBarrier – Antivirus & Malware Scanner for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

One of the great strengths of Apple’s software has always been ready to invulnerability, hundreds of thousands of viruses and other malicious software moves online every day that affect the PC platform. The Company behind the award-winning Mac OS X anti-malware tool to protect the Malware Apple’s iPhone-powered own iOS the device from viruses and malicious programs, this extremely release called VirusBarrier.

VirusBarrier is naturally equipped to detect the Windows, Mac and Unix viruses, therefore, expect that their virus definitions are updated too frequently. VirusBarrier for the iOS is available to download at the App Store, for just $ 2.99, which gives you free updates for one year. Then onwards you have to buy a license once a year, for an additional $ 1.99.

NOTE: VirusBarrier is available for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 4.0 or later

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