Smart phones and tablets have a long way to grow

Anyone who believes we are nearing some kind of saturation point, with the two hottest categories at the moment – smartphones and tablets – should check out this recent information from the investment bank RBC Capital Markets. It shows about 394 million people who already holds one of these newfangled gizmos, and – although we do not like the world’s population, the metric relevant here – in a series against any other stats.The shown on a smartphone growth importantly, equivalent to a mobile phone, which stands just over 5,000,000,000 at the time and collapse all foothold in the smartphone has to this point. Should total nearly 1.3 billion computers also encourage companies to seek markets for their pills, because it defines a large number of computers we use and need. So, someone asks

the next time it is “too late” to the right Nokia smartphone strategy or submit it to the HP tablet, you can juice up your bomb dropping negatory response statistical data.

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