Finally, White iPhone 4 releases tomorrow

Rare Albino iPhone 4 has been seen countless times in the wild, creeping through the magic of trees in the United Kingdom, cavort while the mysterious country of Vietnam and the last is in the formation of Belgium. Now it is coming in a little less exotic: the Apple Store. Apple has finally announced that they are the white iPhone Release 4, tomorrow
the world. I come here in the U.S. so AT & T and Verizon flavor, warming the hearts and minds of those who want something less pigment in their cell phones. Tugging Unlike the proximity sensors, nothing changed in the device, so that our prices are the same: $ 199 is the 16 GB model for $ 299 and 32GB. Unfortunately, your contract also remains the same, and we’re pretty sure you really want to answer a new phone earpiece no reason to avoid the ETF.
via: apple

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