Skype wants the people to fix Skype 5 for Mac, will you answer the call?

Skype for Mac 5 leaves something to be desired – we know it, you know it, and displays your Skype knows it. Therefore, our favorite VoIP app is soliciting help you, the people, to improve the user interface. Skype is running the competition cannot find instant style to manage them all, and it starts with a custom CSS comments on 8 April. The competition consists of three rounds, one of the judges and the selection of their own choice, after each Grand Prix winner of the six finalists. People’s Champs get an Apple TV, and they are ripping of the judges picked WiFi iPad 2 and all the winners a copy of the CSS3 web designer and one-year subscription to Skype Unlimited World get extra. The grand prize is
an eleven-inch MacBook Air, iPad2, ego, and adds a forged with the knowledge of the style in the flames of competition chat, in a future version of Skype. Challenge? Hit the source link for more information.

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