Google working on a face recognition app that leads to your personal info

Before we are all angry about that Google is keen to point out that the face of the app it will work closely to develop an opt-in basis. That is, if you do not want it to find all of Facebook, Flickr, Google and other large hordes of information on the Internet scan, identify, and sort by name, phone number and email address will come in handy MSDS, they not. Okay? So now relax, everything is in order. Seriously, sounds like Google’s latest research project as a bold step into a minefield of privacy concerns, use it as the faces of the people will instantly recognize them and studied all the relevant information about them. Project Director Hartmut Neven, whose company Neven Vision has been swallowed up in Google in 2006, says the team is very careful how it treats people fairly apt afraid, but he insists it’s really a great value with a facial recognition and data mining Application Great App for the value: the user, perhaps, but I’d rather just stick to business if you ask us.

Google has done is to clarify that there are no plans to introduce this type of functionality yet, there is no “strong privacy model in use.” More importantly, combined with facial recognition for personal data Reporters inventions “and not something the company described active.
via: cnn

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