PS3 OtherOS++ Firmware Releases After Three Months of First Announcement

When the declaration OtherOS++ in mid-February Gitbrew has taken to solve only three months. Sony is the second action other hackers last month. It was Gitbrew all vessels were removed, peeled taken his Git hosting.

However, this does not prevent him from developing hacks and it is now finally finished and released. Former employees of Sony Levande Geoff has worked on the project. All OtherOS++ software and tools are available on this page available. This is v1.0b1 and eventually the PS3 will be
back in HPC supercomputing grids.

Order-tech company, Sony has a very poor understanding of the hacker culture, and the PR team is not insured is not.

Worst thing about the whole thing is that even if Sony intends to return to his PSN online group of hackers who dointend to Anon (as explained by Anon ) third strike and the middle of all this , OtherOS++ brings back hack and mod the PS3 .

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