Sony’s NGP/PSP2 May Only Hit One Region In 2011

One of the many side effects of catastrophic earthquake and tsunamis in Japan last month (you can still donate) was added to a disruption of normal functioning of the technology vendors. When schedules deferred months and factories, disruption and possibly damaged, high-profile projects such as Sony NGP, AKA PSP2, likely to be delayed. SCEA president Jack Tretton said recently that the disaster the device from the worldwide release in 2012 may have pushed.

Maybe we are just one of the market by the end of the year “He can straw, says that be, ” said Tretton. The fact that markets are Japan (probably) or the U.S. (not likely) have not been addressed.

This could further damage the handheld has the potential to make a serious dent in Nintendo’s (and increasingly also from Apple) share of the mobile gaming market. As powerful as it is when it comes to the market eight months and six months after the 3DS iPhone 5, have tired most of their potential customers waiting

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