How to download MP3s from Youtube – Song Downloader

There are thousands of great songs on YouTube, and if you want them to have MP3 files, there are many ways to get them.

Now I will tell you one of the easiest ways to all the music you want. Let’s look at a Windows program called “YouTube Downloader Song “.

YouTube Downloader will start a song for “overview”screen that displays the most important actions you can perform. Let’s do a search first to see the results.

Once you’ve entered a keyword, the results load

quickly and give you a place in the light of the results. As you can see, the title, length, and little is offered. If you move your mouse over a thumbnail, you can get them larger.

At the end of each section you will see a small triangle to play that you have a video in new window.

The lower end of the year show and video screens, you can use the buttons to download the video and converts it into either an audio file (MP3) or video file (AVI). If you have chosen to download videos, you can see the download progress “Downloads”screen.

It’s that simple. You can search, preview, download and convert without any problems. How can it be easier?

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