Google Music to stream 20,000 songs for free

It’s not quite official, but there is no doubt that Google will launch a Google Music Service to its high I / O during the event on a daily basis. While the Wall Street Journal, Google’s spokesman was not able to, I admit it, Peter Kafka over the All Things D got Jamie Rosenberg, director of product management for Android overthrow of the details a little too early. Google’s service is essentially replicate the functionality of the Amazon Cloud music locker service, but without the ability to sell songs directly to consumers. Ouch. Unfortunately, Google will launch a feature that was derailed when a full-service broke down with labels. According to Rosenberg, “had a few big record
companies as an innovative approach, we focused more interested in an unreasonable and untenable set of operating conditions.” Oh, and instead to stop the service, Google’s music service, the ability to store up to 20000 starting your own downloaded copies are free, so the force on the Internet or an Android phone or tablet. Amazon service, compared with only 5 GB of free storage space of approximately 1200 pieces of mediocre bitrate saved. Also, Google is the best to the Amazon feature that automatically playlists. Google expects the service to users in the United States after the introduction of “weeks” Music beta requests going out during the day, Verizon Xoom owners (others can register Keep it here, because we will bring to life notice.

via: wsj

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