Google Chrome To Include Profile Switcher For Multiple Profiles

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available today, and Chrome Sync function allows you to easily make all your bookmarks, passwords, extensions, themes, and auto-fill many of the browser. Chrome Sync is certainly a good choice, but users will still be a problem if they want to have separate profiles for work and home.

(Build v12.0.741.0 canary) to build a new Google Chrome Canary 12 is now a new feature that has multiple profiles for different Windows Chrome. When describing the function, number of staff profiles for all your browser windows to add a profile and a profile changer top right corner. Each profile has its own bookmarks, extensions, applications, etc..

When you enable multiple profiles feature, you can see the profile on the right corner.
Users can seamlessly switch between different profiles for this topic. Users can also create a new profile, via a switch or options as the first screenshot.

Multiple profiles feature seems to work right now and the user profile for a moment. However, it appears that they may soon add a new feature and send it to the Canary Islands and channel development.

Multiple profiles is certainly a good feature, and one that I’ve waited a long time. Multiple profiles in order to Chrome (Canary build only) about: Tickets address bar and head to the bottom. There you can choose the “Multiple Profiles feature in your browser.

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