Sony provides PSN update

It looks like things are as bad as feared and that the “external invasion” was a bit lower than we would like. In its update PlayStation.Blog, Sony has just confirmed that the current PSN failure of “vandalism”, which we already knew, but still indicating that it was caused by a “compromise personal information.” Exactly what will not say Sony, means, and it sounds to say briefly that the credit card data on the PSN and Qriocity users have been exposed, but the company did not say “credit card number (with the exception of security Code) and the last should have been “Yes, it can be maintained -. even if Sony is not sure. Supported No ETA for when the PSN can register online or perhaps in a sample of Portal, a delicious 2 Co-op mode, but at least you can see Netflix.

Update 1: Our friends have told Joystiq that the senator from Connecticut Blumenthal Rip
Roarin crazy situation, “demand answers” from SCEA President Jack Tretton. At the moment we are still excited about what Kevin Butler, has to say about things.

Update 2: Sony UK has shed light on exactly what information has been exposed, and frankly we were happier when it was dark. By the sound of all things Sony did you have shown. No complete list after the break, so that only if you click you dare.

Update 3: Sony just posted a clarification of the delay in the answer: in a nutshell, the PSN was the 19th post-invasion April closed, and the company needs to work with outside experts “to understand the scope of the breach” before the full lowdown on early today. Sony is interested in a long FAQ page on this incident.

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