Nvidia’s New 3D Vision Plugin

Nvidia today announced a 3-D Vision plug-in that person, three-dimensional content is available online. When the Silverlight code, users can enjoy 3D Vision Goggles to find their favorite content. plugin and the kit are the current and the latest Nvidia GeForce graphics cards support the 3D Vision. Nvidia does not mention support for other platforms yet, but since the technology used in stereoscopic 3D is likely to communicate with other graphics cards and AMD Radeon.

Although the use of 3D computer has not been reached as yet widespread, we believe that better access to 3D content, a factor that actually makes it spread. the cost of this service is free. Hopefully, a free 3D video streaming service is enough to get the ball to new technologies.

Video consoles such as Nintendo 3DS have used 3D technology, although there
have been problems, since it is not suitable for glasses, leading to more strain on the eyes. I enjoy the 3D video, but have to admit that my vision break every 20-30 minutes to avoid headaches. I hope that the technology improves, 3D less visual impact, allowing users to enjoy media without breaks. Watch the video below to learn more about 3D glasses from nVidia.

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