Next Generation Television Watches Your Every Move

Intel referring to the camera, as well as face and gesture concentrated Intel Developer Forum in Beijing recognizes the 2011th demonstration avatar starts the camera control card, the user’s face. Mandate allows the user avatar, head movements and facial control so that the avatar to laugh, smile, frown, or look puzzled.

gesture recognition, which allows users to manage and navigate the interface to a wave of the hand. This will allow one hand waving pictures from right to left to move to zoom in and zoom out and rotate images clockwise or counterclockwise direction. the first demonstration showed how the software uses face detection to find out how many men and women are present in the room’s age, and their emotions (happy or sad). The application uses this information to determine relevant ads to be displayed. While this allows for better marketing of the users have a problem with sharing such information, especially with the recent negotiations on the bill prevented the introduction of the exchange.

final demonstration shows the IDF, because TV can detect the user’s identity, and then
suggest showing the user based on viewing habits. Technology continues to “decide to” follow your feelings, whether you enjoy the program or not, and also to identify when you look off the screen. After the program, prices for your commitment to the program and proposes to use this information for future shows. Check out the video in order to provide some of the face and gesture to recognize the Intel.

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