Microsoft Unveils Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft announced its first Internet Explorer Platform Preview for the tenth new version focuses on supporting the CSS3 feature. New version of color gradients, grid computing and multi-column layout, the ability to support the run in “strict”mode. Microsoft announced a preview version of the future CSS3 3D support changes to show transitions.
When Internet Explorer 10 development in just three weeks, we can make the perfect user interface, but we’ll probably soon see a preview version before it comes out of beta, and of course before posting. Although Microsoft has not issued a final release date, it may be closer than we think. We will use IE10 as an excuse for you IE9. It seems that when a Microsoft product is not so good, they just work the next version rather than fixing the current one. We cover the Vista and Windows 7 soon saw the pressure. It is illogical to me to begin work on the new version soon publish a first, but maybe it’s old school way of thinking.

Microsoft explained that although frequent updates on the development of standards are
important for their current technology platforms, operating in very limited in all browsers. New technologies such as Web-boxes, can not be used on a large scale, at least not yet. Although the technology requirements have not been defined yet, probably IE10 for Windows Vista and 7, require similar IE9. Watch the video below in top shape!

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