NVIDIA sends GeForce GTX 550 Ti into the $150 graphics card wars

It was not that long ago we had praise for stellar regularity ATI product launch duringNVIDIA was ailing, but now the roles are reversed and we see from the second generation NVIDIA meat-product of the Fermi midrange GeForce GTX 550 TIpresented today. The biggest attraction $ 150 price tag, but it makes a big concession prices reach plateau – it is only 192 CUDA cores, like the previous generation GTS450, but less than the GTX 460 mark. NVIDIA tries to lack of parallel processing unitswith people who are better in aggressive 1800MHz, with 900MHz graphics clock, and it also raises a gigabyte of RAM running at an effective rate of 4 GHz. Also the thing is
nevertheless limited to 192-bit interface instead of the 256-bit wide affair on the big brother ti GTX 560 what do all the product information is boiling good performance, but recommendations few reviewers – mainly because of the strength of better options in the near-price categories. Up on the link below for more hit.

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