Internet Explorer 10: Windows Vista users out of luck

It may sound impossible, but Microsoft is making its Windows Vista operating system, even desirable.

Redmond company has confirmed that Internet Explorer 10, the next version of its Web browser does not have 4-year-old Windows XP (or earlier versions of Windows) will work the same way, the older Windows XP IE9 left (and Windows 2000) on the back.

“Windows Vista, customers have a great browsing with IE9” Microsoft said in a statement, “but we are building the kind of innovation will continue to IE10, which only happens if you benefit from ongoing improvements in modern operating systems to focus and drive of modern hardware.”

Strangely, move does not move that close to Microsoft’s decision to Windows XP is not forgotten. This is due to Vista, Microsoft’s legendary flop, a little over 10 percent market share worldwide. XP is still in use at the top of the market than the old reliable car that people just do not stand in the pit.

However, Firefox has made a point to continue to support XP. Planning Johnathan Nightingale on behalf of the user base for Windows XP “too big for us, but they leave behind.”

News IE10 Windows Vista risen this week after Microsoft released its first “Platform Preview” for the next browser to see some updates are planned hood. People are trying to install the preview of Vista got an error message that it does not work.

Although an early preview of Internet Explorer 1910 is not expected to be published in its final form until next year. Windows guru Ed Bott said in writing to ZDNet that Microsoft planned to stop providing technical support to the mainstream users of Windows Vista next year, and the company has said previously that the new browsers are not available for unsupported versions of the OS system.

IE10 is generally believed in the Windows version 8 next year.

Of course, it is a Microsoft commercial interests to drive users to new versions of the operating system. But the company defended the practice, for technical reasons – ie it moves forward in the browser market is focusing on “building a lowest common denominator.”

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