Nokia Exec Hints At 2014 Symbian Support Cut-Off

Nokia has unfortunately decided to roll the old Symbian OS, the next three years, and maybe even longer. Today’s report Australian IT, claimed that Nokia’s Australian managing director, said that Nokia has an agreement, is required for new equipment two years of support. As the company has already decided to release new Symbian phones in 2011 and 2012, they stick with the operating system until at least 2014 and maybe even longer if they continue to release new Symbian phones in 2013.

Apparently, Nokia has already invested so much money on Symbian, they’re not going back. I find this very sad news, especially Nokia’s future. While the company does not displace a beautiful sweet hardware device technical data, loading new phones with Symbian as the Gorilla Glue fat bowling ball a whole new phone. operating system is not intuitive, aesthetic and easy to use.

Although it was a hit in the early years, Ios and Android hit the market and although they both continue to get better, Symbian had only minor improvements. The company will also, at least one of its operating system for mobile devices, which have been developed with Intel MeeGo couple. In any case, I wish Nokia good luck for success and I really hope they can keep up with other leaders in the Wireless.
via: eweek

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