How To Restrict Access To The Control Panel In Windows 7

If you share a computer several people, including family members, it is very important to save your desired results. non-technical user can destroy your computer, without knowing what he has done.

Restricting access to the Control Panel is one thing you can do to prevent undesired damage to your computer. Here is how you can enable or disable the control panel in Windows 7″:

Step 1: Search for gpedit.msc in Start Menu Search. This will open the Group Policy Editor.

Step 2: Now go to the following: 

User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Control Panel

Step 3: In the right hand pane, open the following option:

Prohibit access to the Control Panel

Step 4: Enable the option and all the users on the computer will not be able to access the Control Panel from now on.

To enable the Control Panel again just disable the option you have available and you can use the Control Panel again. If you are a network administrator and a Windows Server network, you can easily have the same policies across the network. Applies only to policies for users and domain administrators.

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