Firefox 4 Has Already Eclipsed Internet Explorer 9

Mozilla has just released a Firefox 4, boasted less than a day and more than twice clocked the downloads after the release of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

Now the Web site analysis company StatCounter says Mozilla’s new browser has 1.95 percent of the global web browser market.

Instead StatCounter more about Internet Explorer 9, only 0.87 percent of the worldwide browser market has been a week after its debut.

And how can you tell from the screenshot above, except for Firefox 4, but also the newly released Opera browser is a 11-IE9 his lead steadily to this point.

Notable: Internet Explorer 9 is not compatible with Windows XP, the aging operating system, which was published ten years ago, but
still a large customer base all over the world.

In all versions of every browser into account, still leads the global market, IE 45 percent, followed by Firefox and Chrome 30 percent with 17 percent, says StatCounter. Web analytics company recently reported that Firefox browser to overtaking the number one in Europe for the first time in December 2010 IE

U.S. IE (all versions combined) lead the market an even greater margin: 48 percent, followed followed by Firefox at 26 percent and 14 percent of Chrome.

StatCounter says Global Stats on aggregated data from a sample of more than 15 billion page views per month on a network collected more than three million web pages are based.

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