Oppo N3 may feature fingerprint sensor

Oppo’s upcoming N3 smartphone is likely to sport a fingerprint sensor at the back. A new teaser image of the phone posted by the Chinese smartphone maker on its Facebook page shows what looks like a fingerprint sensor, placed below the phone’s camera swivel, at the back. 

The image focuses on the precision optics used by Oppo in its new flagship, but also gives a peek into what appears to be a silver ring that surrounds a square slot for fingerprint recognition. The placement of the sensor would facilitate use as it would fall under the user’s index finger while holding the phone. It’s not clear how Oppo will integrate the sensor with the phone’s software.  It’s not the first time than an Android smartphone will feature a fingerprint sensor. Samsung’s Galaxy S5, Alpha and Note 4 sport fingerprint sensors embedded in the Home button. The HTC One Max also features a fingerprint sensor at the back. Earlier, Oppo CEO Tony Chen had posted a Weibo message which suggested that the Oppo N3 will sport a 16MP camera sensor with 1/2.3″ size. Just like the N1, the N3’s camera lens will also be placed on a rotating swivel mount acting as both front and rear camera. Op N3 is expected to sport a 5.9-inc 1080p display and Snapdragon 805 chipset with 3GB of RAM. 

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