Apple iPhone 6 Plus bends in jeans pocket [Warning]?

BendGate, What is that? This is the new issue generate in iPhone 6 Plus, Mostly people claims that their iPhone 6 Plus bend like a bit curve in it. 
The claims have been backed up by numerous images uploaded online of iPhone 6 Plus models with a kink in them.Testing of the iPhone 6 has shown that it is significantly more resilient to bending, after users began complaining that the larger iPhone 6 Plus was bending in their pockets.

Scores of users took to forums, Twitter and technology sites complain that their brand-new iPhone 6 Plus phones had become bent, just by being carried in front and back trouser pockets.

The iPhone 6 plus is a monster compared to previous versions. It’s slimmer, sleeker and it has a whopping 5.5 inch display. But it looks like bigger isn’t always better, especially if you’re a fan of wearing tight pants. There were bound to be problems with the newest iPhone but we never imagined its biggest opponent would be the fashion staple of hipsters everywhere: skinny jeans. Because, most people who likes to wear skinny jeans reported that what happens when they leave their iPhone 6 Plus in their pocket for too long, namely, the phone bends.

Any phone made of metal is still subject to the laws of physics, but to reiterate, this isn’t exactly a problem exclusive to the iPhone 6Unlike LG’s bendy G FLEX and numerous other bendy phones that came out earlier this year, the iPhone 6 was not made to bend, and Apple products do not, repeat DO NOT bend.

A small but growing number, of iPhone 6 Plus owners had reported in their forums that their phone had been bent after carrying the device in their pockets.
Dubbed “BendGate“, some iPhone 6 Plus owners have discovered their new phone’s aluminium body literally bending in their pockets.

It listed that users of the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5s, Sony Xperia Z1, iPhone 5, BlackBerry Q10, HTC EVO, Oppo and iPhone 4s had all suffered from bending. iPhone 6 Plus owners are also being warned against bending their phones back into shape due to the risk of its screen cracking.

The new iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5-inch (diagonal) screen and is made of aluminium, which is known to BendGate if pressure is applied.

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