iPhone 5 is Thinner, Lighter and have Metal Chassis

We already have a good idea about the next iPhone from Apple’s i.e. iPhone 5, but the Italian side of the Macitynet claims to have beaten him four alleged. iPhone 5 case shows a huge difference in size. Thin! Flat! Light!

Gallery show, the iPod Touch and iPhone 4 swimming in the case of iPhone 5, the next iPhone is probably much wider and thinner. Macitynet check the full-year comparison, in the gallery. Everyone wants a thin, but you want a larger iPhone? Here’s another shot, but Check out the full gallery Macitynet.

iPhone 5 screen is not more than 4-inch panel, journalists talk about it at the digital times, which also revealed that Apple’s current iPhone 4 glass box will be replaces by metal chassis for the next-generation iPhone 5. iPhone 5 is expected to be between 3.5 to 3.7 inches, and the latest news is in line with previous reports that the iPhone 5 is thinner and lighter than the current iPhone 4. iPhone 5 is expected to offer 8-megapixel camera. BGR recently reported that AT & T launches iPhone 5 in October, according to vice-president made ​​with the carrier.

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