iPhone 5 to be Launch September 2011, Apple has placed Order for 15 Million units

It was recently reported by the DigiTimes, they claim that the Apple has ordered 15 Million iPhone 5 units to Pegatron Technology, and this new iPhone 5 will be released in September of this year. There were already some rumors that this new iPhone is a very different than the current iPhone 4.
And the rumors that Apple would release two new iPhone this year, but it does not seem to be possible in such a situation.

DigiTimes has played a significant role in the provision of accurate information about Apple products, as It was already informed by the digitimes, that Pegatron has recieved order of CDMA iPhone 4s to release in the fourth quarter of 2010. And the news is rumored to perfect, Apple announced a new CDMA iPhone 4 in January and started shipping at the end of that month.

So the rumors that Apple is shipping the iPhone 5 in September this year, but this time we have a good resource of rumor, digitimes, the reporting of future Apple products, so we take it seriously.

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