Top 3 Add-ons for Firefox to protect privacy

Firefox got a lot of supplements, and today’s users are more concerned than ever for their privacy and security. Here we’ll discuss about the best 3 add-ons to help and manage the protection.

Not Script
Since many of the malware makes its way into the computer scripts, web, Firefox and NoScript addon pre-emptive strike strategy used to prevent the most common scripts for Web pages. The user can then choose whether to include scripts on any web page. This technique is called “pop” a known page.

NoScript has the ability to block Flash, Java, Javascript and many of the unlimited number of other scripts in Web pages. It is also possible to easily return to these scripts with the click of a button the NoScript icon in the bar.

This is a very useful security feature Addon allows users to automatically encrypt communications for large Web sites, many of whom are not yet secure HTTPS encryption, or do they have to do sometimes, that protection very difficult to implement and use. These sites are often non-encrypted communications by default. It is pointless to work on HTTPS, especially for sites that are frequently visited by the user.

The program writes all of the questions at issue websites encrypted HTTPS. Https works only across sites that support HTTPS, but most major Web sites the Internet to help them to do.

Better Privacy
Better privacy protection for a new kind of cookie, such as Flash cookies, or LSO (local shared objects). This Flash cookies are very difficult to remove, and it never ceases, so that advertisers and marketers to track visits to multiple Web pages. BetterPrivacy can these Flash cookies, by going to delete them automatically at regular intervals or if you manage to launch the browser.

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