White iPhone 4 Leaked with New iOS, Multitasking UI and New Features?

We’re just eyes video of Set is the most productive leaksters Tinhte which, they claim, except for four white iPhone from Apple, but it is one of the “test”version of IOS, that no one else saw. It is difficult to know how this software is legal – it can only be done properly jailbreak mod – but this site has been recorded in the beginning of Apple changed hands ahead of the pack. With that said, multitasking menu to replace the picture, the current use applications’ icons to visually represent each app’s open windows. You can tap the window to expand it (full of animation) and / or press and hold to meet the famous “X” button to shutdown. This is a new “Search the iPhone “at the top of the window to send the Spotlight search, which very much, because the situation is at the moment looks like (even if it is linked, does not seem to hit on the left features a first home screen than previous versions of the IOS). Jump past the break in the video.
Update 1: The second video showed one show that we are looking for a prototype device, and takes us a tour of his body. Visit the Settings menu displays the storage capacity of 64GB, while the app folder, create a slightly different reading IOS fourth Attendance
Touch Fighter, an application on the phone that Apple has been built to demonstrate the resources of older versions of the handset and other internal software seems to be some kind of player this IOS beta build section. Of course it can not be reduced to 5 IOS at all, but simply never released a version of IOS fourth All we know for sure that the video after the break.

Update 2: All the signs that this is really early, unpublished version of the IOS fourth Interesting, but hardly something to get expectations too high.

via: Tinhte

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