Newly discovered properties of light promise better solar batteries, really great tans

Are you tired of waking up the same old semiconductor-based solar cells? They long for a change? We know what you’re doing and thank you again the wonder and mystery of magnetic fields on elongation at break (they do not just stop talk more), is a new day. Researchers at the University of Michigan, shot glass lasers, as they are, and made ​​a

remarkable discovery: the light produced by a non-conductive surface such as glass active magnetic effects – up to 100 million times higher than expected. The resulting magnetic force can be replaced by electronic effect can be used with modern technology the way “optical batteries.” Although Wysips transparent solar cell technology could be of the same types of applications and can lead to plenty of sun antiquated farms. Not to worry, though – in a stylish solar backpack like a fly, as it always has been.

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