Japan Sent Team Of 23 Rescue Robots That Withstand Radiation To Fukushima

Japan’s International Rescue System Institute (IRS) announced a new rescue robot that can take people to the work of the high radiation areas. Not too surprisingly, the Institute announced that the whole situation from a remote machine in different locations have been used in the damaged nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

The IRS says the robot-radiation (up to 20 Sv at the moment) to stand up and also waterproof to a certain extent (driving through puddles, for example, should not be a problem).

to meet with a team of 23 and a robot sent two primary functions: to measure the radiation and gas concentrations in the plant and record video. Each unit is 50cm long, 1 m high and weighs 27kg.

What is the importance of “mission” Fukushima

is that according to the IRS, the robot can be remotely controlled by 2 km (the Japanese government declared the 20 km evacuation zone around the plant).

via: sankei

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