How To Password Protect Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is the most widely used Internet browser, even today, when the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera are catching up fast. I usually do not use your browser’s my job. It was a task that I need a way to password protect Internet Explorer, so if you want to surf the internet, it asks for a password before you had to find the time. I’ve found a way and I would like to share it here.

Basically, Internet Explorer 8 offers many improvements and add it to the Content Advisor has been received. There’s a lot better. Enable password protection, Internet Explorer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Content
Step 3: Content Advisor, click Enable.


Step 4: Create a new admin password and hint. Note that the message the user opens the site in Internet Explorer.
Step 5: Set the slider to no reviews, so no pages can be opened without a password.

Step 6: On the General tab, make sure you have checked the “root password to view restricted content to users.

Well, if you open a Web page in Internet Explorer, it will ask the administrator password below.

You get three options:

  1. Always allow the site to be viewed without the password.
  2. Always allow that specific webpage to be viewed without the password.
  3. Allow the site to open one time only.

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