Formula One cars to use hybrid-style electric-only mode in the pits

F1 race at the top of gas, often at odds with ecological awareness, such as an electric car movement in the melody, but here’s an exception to this rule. FIA, the sports governing body announced in December last year, go to a hybrid four-cylinder turbo engine, which is underway, and the 2013 season will be introduced, and Williams Chef Adam Parr are now enlightened about the benefits the new power. Notes that future cars, “Kinetic Energy Recovery System is four times larger than current models, “said Parr has enough electrical juice is available all the power of one’s seat on his mobile and remove the pit straight. This means that
, at least, and tame the speed and the limited parts of the race, I know the F1 gas guzzlers love you and humming along in almost complete silence during the good old power. Unfortunately, it is the lack of Vroom Vroom, the classic car like Bernie Ecclestone and Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo fear, a new hybrid material described what sounds “terrible” and by requiring sports holding its roots in the V8. Then again, when Parr says that if you time, let the times that you are back.

via: reuters

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