VLC Media Player for Android releasing soon

The work is still ongoing in the Android version of VLC Media Player, Open Source, cross-platform media player that plays almost any file you throw it, and the beta for a month or two.

This new period for quite a bit about what we had in December, when it was said to come in a few weeks heard has been suspended. An interview with a German site, 19 March VideoLAN member of the board RĂ©mi Duraffort provided some details on why it has taken longer than expected:

“Unfortunately, VLC uses some of the features that are not the bionic libc.’s Why we can rotate the detours and run VLC Media Player. It takes time because some of these decisions have to add was a little complicated.”

It is not an indication of the Droid Bionic, Bionic, but Google’s own C compiler library for Android.

App for Android is expected to run at 1.5 + but i
t makes special use of the new audio and video devices using the API gingerbread or later.

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