AT&T agrees to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion

AT & T and the Deutsche Telekom has signed a definitive agreement to sell T-Mobile USA for 39 billion dollars in cash and shares. The combined customer base in this emerging giants are 130 million people are on the agreed contract, the usual rules and pass closure obstacles before he is ready. The two companies estimate that they take 12 months to get through all the bureaucracy – if they come through the proposed merger creates an actual network GSM monopoly in the U.S. – but we did not wait so long to begin to discuss life with only three major U.S. airlines. AT & T sees it as a bright garden of simple synergies, “thanks to a series of complementary network technologies, frequencies, attitudes and processes.”

One of the great things about other AT & T asserts here is a much larger presence LTE is – 95 percent of Americans, or 294 million dolls – it works had 46.5 million more than AT & T claims it LTE gone alone. Of course, T-Mobile has never reached a clear strategy for the transition to LTE, which suggests that use AT & T on its AWS spectrum to complement its own 700MHz licenses, as it moves to 4G plans. You can at the thought of another band LTE groan, but it’s not as bad as you might think: MetroPCS already a live LTE network, which operates from AWS, there are precedents for it. For more details, see the gallery below, mobilizing all the pages or the official press release after the break.

In the case of trade to not receive regulatory approval, will be AT & T on the hook for $3 billion to T-Mobile – call it a solution fee – along with the transfer of some AWS spectrum, it does not need to roll out LTE and grant T- Mo is a roaming agreement with a value acceptable to both Parties.

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