IE 9, Internet Explorer 9 goes live

Microsoft today announced the Internet Explorer Release Candidate (IE9) 9 and he said that the browser is now feature complete and the final build that would ship soon.

Adds IE9’s release candidate, or RC faster performance, smaller memory requirements, new support for additional Web standards, and tracking to protect those who choose Microsoft as a response to the announced calls for non-Track function in all browsers. 

IE9 Microsoft debuted last March with the first seven bare-bones building nicknamed

“Platform Preview”, then follow the public beta in September 2010. More than 25 million copies of the beta in the
five months since a download, Microsoft claims. 

“With the release candidate, we have taken to heart more than 17,000 pieces of feedback about IE9,” said Dean Hachamovitch, the executive in charge of the IE team in today’s blog posts. “You see that the product made progress on all fronts -. and standards of performance, usability and security and privacy”

The extensions and additions to the BC IE9 calls tracking the roll-out protection, opt-in tool by default to block selectively on published lists of third party sites and content sites are embedded with disabilities. 

Tracking Protection is Microsoft’s answer to growing concerns about the role of consumers, privacy advocates and government regulators about Internet privacy, especially as advertisers to track users’ movements, and their buying habits. 

The S. U. Federal Trade Commission has told all users to block Web sites and advertising networks following their movements online. 

IE9’s tool is based on other lists created with permission or a site or network of users to track block. (Microsoft has said it will not produce such lists.) Group Offer ABIN track lists are now protected, easy list, privacy, choice and TRUSTe. Provides the site has a page on the lists IE9 connections available for download. 

While Microsoft has promised to complete in IE9 quarter, it set no date for starting the final version. Today, Hachamovitch said only that the output would gloss “coming soon.” 

Microsoft is betting that brings back some IE9 the user’s Internet Explorer to rivals such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. 

According to Web analytics company Net Applications, has lost more than six percentage points on the user’s share in the last 12 months, and at the end of January is responsible for 56% of all browsers, low historically. 

While IE8 now more than 34% of the market, 2009, the browser is not able to stop his blood. Google Chrome as a share of almost 11% of browsers in use, an increase of 5.5 points last year. 

BC IE9 runs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 are installed, but do not work on Windows XP, the operating system continues to dominate the market. 

The Release Candidate can be downloaded from Microsoft website, or from the company Download Center. The 32-bit version of IE9 BC weighs slightly more than 19MB, while the 64-bit version to download 37MB. 

Also today, Microsoft released a blocking toolkit for IT administrators to keep the machines IE9 offs if Microsoft starts Browser served via Windows Update to do. 

Microsoft rolls like blocking kits – including scripts and executable Group Policy templates – before the significant improvements in operating systems and browsers via Windows Update. 

In November last year, for example, Microsoft issued a blocking kit for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) upgrade the operating system it shipped yesterday.

via: ie9

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