Yes! Gaming is Positive and Healthy Element in Life

Some people says gaming is just waste of time, some says its healthy activity, so today let’s have a look at some really informative statistics about the gaming around the world.

Here is an infographic that says gaming is positive element in the life; the statistics says:

  • 56% of gamers are Male, while 46% are females.
  • Only 9% of under than 18 gamers are hardcore gamers.
  • 63% of parents think, gaming is positive part for their kids.
  • Interestingly if all the users of “World of Warcraft” game time were added together, it would be amount of 5.9 million years.
  • 38% of homes in the USA have gaming console.
  • 66% of parents who play games with their kids, just with the purpose to socialize with them.
Here is the pictorial form of the infographic for “Why gaming is positive element in life”, have a look. 

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