iPhone 5 Design according to Chinease Case Makers

There are new rumors about the suspected new iPhone 5. We already have seen all kinds of crazy ideas that include a clear iPhone, NFC compatibility and even the idea of a mini-iPhone. The only thing we know with any certainty is that Apple is probably working a new version of the world’s best selling smartphone.

After a series of images released by MobileFun.co.uk, we now have a perception of what Apple has up his sleeve. MobileFun is a site that originally broke the case design, which eventually joined the iPad 2, and they now have a series of prototypes for the iPhone 5.

Spererate Case Manufacturers in China confirmed, there are plans to show certain features coming to the iPhone 5. For starters, the display seems to run from edge to edge across the face to the phone. This is useful in the display area is alleged to be top 4 inches, not the physical size of the device.

We can also see that the shape differs radically from the iPhone 4. It seems that Apple is to returning back from Square edges to the Round edges for iPhone 5. It seems slope will be similar to the iPad 2, I like the design choice, because I think to keep the iPad 2 is very comfortable.

It is important to remember that Apple is to buy one of a series of glass-cutting systems. While the information presented here is not to make a curved glass front of the device, it cannot be ruled out completely. It is possible that the curved glass back, which bridge between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5, so good to be able to do.

The last major change, which seems to have things under control. Steve Jobs, is originally intended for, the iPhone does not have control Button and it looks like what he wants, may have received. When MobileFun the Home button has been replaced by “a touch-sensitive oval.” Although this name seems a little silly, it would be a great new feature.

Touch-sensitive enable many Lion-esque touch gestures on your phone. You would be able to change songs in iTunes, navigate screens, and even the home screen anywhere. It would be a big change in the iPhone, and even more gestures allow iOS 5.

The last major change we can see these options is the drive side buttons. After the speeches, they all have changed sides. LOCK switch is very close to the camera and volume buttons are moved more than half. It is important to note that the possibility of a touch-sensitive side buttons.

So there you have it, in-depth look at what could be for iPhone 5. Now this is all just speculation in China’s case, a couple of models. Even if good sources of the past, they have been wrong. Make sure that all the hopes placed design, because we do not know what until Apple shows us the new design.

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