Free Download Angry Birds Game for PC – Now Available for Windows PC

“Angry birds” is the most addictive video game ever, now available for Windows PC game. Rovio Mobile does not release the online version of the angry birds, a few weeks ago, powered by Flash, but this new version is a native Windows application, no need a browser that does not blink and you can even destroy the pigs, when you are offline.

After playing the PC version of the Angry Birds now a few minutes, I am convinced that this offers a much better game experience than the previously released version of Flash. You can either use the game in full screen mode, or change the game window if you want to save the game walkthough.

Angry Birds PC costs $ 5, but they have to open a free demo of working distance baseline. Buy the full version is available via PayPal or credit card – they send you a serial number via e-mail and will open all 240 + level demo version of itself.

Angry birds can be played on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7, however first timer activation required Internet connection.

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