Chrome 12 Stable version for Windows, Linux and Mac Released by Google

Google has recently announced the final stable version of its Google Chrome browser version 12.0.742.91. Web browser is now available for all three major operating systems: Windows, Linux and Mac. Notice that the latest version that is roll-out accelerated hardware with CSS 3 and comes with the new Safe Browsing feature.

Stable version of Google has removed the outdated Google Gears support, and we can now change many see behind. Firstly, the development team made ​​a binary supports Linux distributions such as Ubuntu and Fedora.

It looks like Google Chrome has a strong plan before it actually gets to the web browser world by storm. Check out the full list of features that Google Chrome Blog:

  • Hardware-accelerated With CSS 3
  • New Browsing protects malicious files
  • Ability to delete Flash cookies within Chrome
  • Launch applications by name Omnibox
  • Integrated Sync or new settings
  • Improved screen reader support
  • New warning when hitting command-Q for Mac
  • Remove from Google Gears

Tell us what you think about the new stable version if you are already using it !

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