iOS 5 Will Not Accommodate iPhone 3GS

As we all know that Apple introduces the first major update to its mobile iOS WWDC. According to Eldar Murtaza editor of Russia’s Mobile Blog Mobile-Review has tweeted that the iPhone 3G is not supported by iOS 5 major update to iOS 5 Next only supports the latest generation of iOS devices and next-generation iPhone and iPod touch devices.

For those who do not know, Eldar Murtaza is a very good reputation in the mobile market, and have very good information about Microsoft’s plans for the future. He is the same man who predicted a partnership between Microsoft and Nokia.

This rumor is not a surprise to everyone, because to stop the equipment is common practice for Apple. Last year, Apple dropped the iPhone 3G
from iOS 4.2.1, although Apple has not come to the idea of ​​the time, but if future updates come to iOS 4, Apple iPhone 3G will be sold.

It is not sure if Apple support for iPhone 3G launch set iOS 5 or later it ends in future updates iOS 5.x

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