The World’s Biggest Pac-Man game takes over the internet, your life

Pac-Man still stands as one of the timeless, tireless fun games of all time, but the new version would break even disciplined retro gamers. A new interpretation of Pac-Man – the world’s largest to date – will be playable in the browser, thanks to the magic of HTML 5, a widespread level of user-generated whoppingly deals go through.

It was developed by Interactive soap Namco Bandai’s blessing and is so massive, it is up to
the mini-map that shows where you are on the grand scheme of things. In addition, a number of personal and global statistics on the right-hand menu, even the makers were kind enough that the tape drive for donations to help, such as Japan,

The game was developed to promote Internet Explorer 9, but it works in other browsers, and they can even tie my Facebook, because let’s be honest – do not want to be your friend has this information.

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