Rumor: iPhone 5 Will Come This Summer

According to CNN, the South Korean news site has announced that Apple release the iPhone 5 for years in late June. Translation was claimed MacRumors site and the site that Apple has confirmed their schedules will be in stores 26th June made ​​day. This is in contradiction with details of Apple’s manufacturers in China, that the parts were never ordered.

CNN also suggested Apple had really confirms the release date because they are secretly prone to future versions. Another point is the dubious rumor that the South Korean site claims that the iPhone in five of South Korea and the U.S. public on the same day will be. This differs from the previous three months experienced a hole to further the iPhone 4 release Go, South Korea published a report of 1 April. Of course, people hear what they want, created to hear the news and rumors considerable excitement from Apple fans around the world. While previous iPhones and everything was published in June, Apple has said explicitly that they center on the World Wide Developers Conference software and hardware. Apple has not commented on the publication of a rumor.

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