Researchers display evidence that iOS 4 records all your travels

If you do not already think you know the phone has a lot of you, here is a handy reminder. duo of British researchers may have been distracting (and, oddly undocumented) feature of IOS is revealed 4: Are you asking your iPhone’s location can be recorded continuously, then the time stamp, data and records it for posterity. The problem with this place, it is desirable that a hidden file that contains information – consolidated.db – to identify and relatively easy to read, what you have all workstations, telephone with itself, yet privacy
risks than they normally have. Some more digging revealed this behavior has been known for some time (see Courbis and Alex Levinson link below), when most people are also involved in computer forensics. In addition, returned to the backup, or move to a new device to keep the information collection, the researchers show evidence that what has happened not by chance. See a few visualizations of the results to extract the video after the break.

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