Don’t buy an iMac right now

We are warned to stay away from buying a new MacBook Pro before the end of january 1911 the line back in March, and now Apple’s iMac gets the same treatment. slow delivery of the desktop and requests for new products, responded with silence. These are the telltale signs of Apple hardware refreshes, and the time is right for the current iMac line with the life cycle.

Not much is known of the new line of iMacs, but it’s been rumored (and highly unlikely), that they may have processors and Apple’s new Thunderbolt high-speed data technology. update has no impact on the design of systems at all, and they do not substantially to the current model. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing, because the iMac is still the sleekest All-in-one desktop replacement market.

New hardware has been rumored in late April or early May debut, so if you have the iMac on the market, the credit card to keep in your pocket presence. Two other Apple computers, a standard white polycarbonate MacBook and a little Mac Mini, including the end of their design life, but Apple does not seem to be ready for this update yet.

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