Adobe TV Available For All Mobile Devices

Adobe announced Monday that they bring to market a mobile version of Adobe TV. Adobe video found instructional videos to a portable device, it is a tablet or smartphone. utility is a web-based and is available through the iPads, iPhone, Android phones, and Android tablet owners. To view videos, users will have to go optimized and ready to watch a video in Adobe portable device.

Adobe has developed to support the Flash video-enabled Android devices as well as the non-Flash IOS devices. The company has this issue a brief statement that it is not strange to the user, depending on the equipment demonstrated. While Adobe is fun to see Apple adopt Flash technology IOS company does not appear to have been suffering from feelings of Apple, which I think says a lot about what Adobe and they are all about.

Adobe’s Blog: Me / iPhone support is iPad, because our customers want it. It’s that simple. There is
no frame of reference, the Flash, which is used to support the contents of the flash devices. We believe in providing the content for all platforms and devices, which makes sense of our audience. We also believe in their own tools and the best tools on the planet, cross-platform, cross-device experiences. See part of the Adobe-mind in the video below!

via: adobe

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