Online news overtakes paper, and nearly half of it is mobile

Wait, that happened just now? Pew Project 2011 also report on mobile devices “on the media published this week, it’s a great read from end to end, showing a wild swing in the way news and information we gathered as people over the past decade, but. statistics are actually a couple Firstly, the Internet has finally expired newspapers as a news source, and lags behind only television – and we already know the writing on the wall because the children who received love already and are happy web. consumers are voracious information about 47 percent at least some of them on the spot, by phone or in the form of a tablet (like, say, a range of beautiful Engadget’s the mobile application). But beyond iPads like hot cakes are selling, when the subway safe from the onslaught tablet – is always Mass Transit commuter haven for newspaper-toting business folk.

pew project

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