How to perform Site-Specific search from Firefox’s Address Bar

We said in the past that they are looking on Google for sites such as Lifehacker, you only need to enter the search terms in Google. In Chrome, works just fine from the address bar, just get Firefox’s address bar confused and throws you an error message saying “Firefox does not know how to open this address because the protocol (page) pertaining to any program.” here is solution:

“The way to put it in is
search term, which is opposite I believe of the way used to do it. accepts both ways now at least.”

That’s it. Instead the site: operator to start the search, Firefox will they be sent as part of the URL for your search terms on Google and Firefox with no problems to add. Of course, if you visit the website often, you can simply take your favorites and give it a keyword search, but it is nice on occasion need to find a site that you do not often use.

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