Apple revealed new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3

Apple has apparently revealed images of new iPads online a day ahead of their intended release. The iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are shown in the iPad User Guide for iOS 8 iBook on the iTunes store, with screenshots revealing that both will have Touch ID fingerprint sensors.

The manual itself also talks about the introduction of ‘burst mode’ for the new iPad Air 2’s camera, a feature that is already available on current iPhones. Aside from the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, little appears to have changed from the previous models, but it is also likely that a faster processor and slight changes in dimensions will accompany the minor redesign.

The apparently inadvertent disclosure of new iPads was taken by some online commenters to be an intentional bid by Apple to undermine Google’s announcement of new Nexus devices, which was itself timed to spoil Apple’s announcement. The company’s event in San Francisco is widely expected to see the company announce new Macs, including a 27-inch model with an upgraded ‘Retina Display’ screen, and an updated Apple TV. Other web speculation optimistically suggested that the apparent leak meant users could expect bigger news as well.

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