What is Apple iWatch? Specs, Features and More

As far as features, the Apple iWatch can make calls, check caller ID and access visual voice mail, access stock and weather updates, provide fitness capabilities via pedometer and health monitoring sensors, offer map coordinates and directions, and more.

Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch

The iWatch is expected to be a wristwatch made of curved glass, possibly Willow Glass from Corning, that pairs, or connects, with another Apple iOS device like the iPhone or iPad to push iWatch-specific content to the device.

The Apple iWatch is a rumored smartwatch project that operates as a small “wearable computing” smartphone-type device that’s worn on a user’s wrist.

The Apple Watch is designed to be both functional and fashionable, available in two sizes of 38mm and 42mm (1.5 and 1.7 inches), with six different casing materials and six separate interchangeable band options.

Organized into three separate collections, from the simple “Sport” to the high-end luxury “Edition,” the Apple Watch has been created to appeal to a wide range of tastes.Prices for the device, which will be available in early 2015, start at $349.

Green, Silver and Red Color Apple iWatch
  • Apple Watch also takes advantage of a “Digital Crown” located on the right side of the body, which lets users zoom, scroll, and select elements on the Watch without covering the screen.
  • Apple has designed several unique watch faces that users can choose from, featuring traditional watch designs, whimsical characters, animated images, and more, all of which are “extensively customizable.” According to Apple, one Apple Watch can have millions of different appearances.
  • Apple Watch takes advantage of new pressure-sensing technology and is able to determine the difference between a tap and a press, enabling a range of contextually specific controls and allowing the device to relay notifications in a subtle way.
  • There are several Watch features that remain unknown as of yet, including full dimensions of the device, its battery life, and the complete pricing range, but Apple is expected to reveal this information as we get closer to the device’s early 2015 launch date.
  • According to Apple, the Watch is not a standalone device because it relies on the iPhone for many features like relaying notifications and messages.
  • As with all of its products, Apple has carefully considered the way people will interact with and use the Apple Watch, developing both a unique operating system and unique input methods for the device.
  • A second physical button below the Digital Crown allows users to bring up a list of contacts and then communicate with friends by sending quick drawings, messages, animated emoji, and a heart beat, drawn directly from the watch’s included sensors.
  • Designed with either an ion-strengthened or flexible sapphire display (depending on model), all of the Apple Watches include an HD Retina screen, sapphire-covered sensors built into the zirconia backing, and an NFC chip to allow the devices to work with Apple’s new Apple Pay mobile payment service.
  • Apple’s Watch is designed to be a companion device to the iPhone, and as such, it requires an iPhone to function.
  • There are several different sensors built into the Apple Watch, which allow it to measure metrics like steps taken, calories burned, and pulse rate.
  • It’s also been designed to work with Apple’s new Continuity features, letting users shift tasks from one device to another with ease.

White Color Apple iWatch


As far as design concerned, Along with six separate body options, Apple has also designed six types of custom bands for the Apple Watch: Link Bracelet, which is stainless steel and resembles a traditional watch band; Sport Band, made of a flexible and lightweight fluoroelastomer,

Different Color Apple iWatch
Leather Loop, a wraparound band constructed from handcrafted leather; Modern Buckle, made from Granada leather and sporting a magnetic buckle; Classic Buckle, made from Dutch leather with a traditional buckle closure; and the Milanese Loop, a flexible metal mesh band designed to wraparound the wrist.

Different Variety Apple iWatch

Apple Watch Collection:

The Link Bracelet is available in stainless steel and space black stainless steel, while the Modern Buckle comes in soft pink, brown, and midnight blue. The Apple Watch collection includes Apple’s stainless steel casings in both a highly polished silver color and space black. According to Apple, its stainless steel is made from a cold-forging process designed to make the 316L steel 40 percent harder and more resistant to nicks and corrosion.

Different Color Apple Watch Collection
  • Apple Watch Sport Collection.
  • Apple Watch Edition Collection.

Apple Watch Sport Collection:

Aimed at fitness enthusiasts, the Sport watches do not have a sapphire display, instead featuring a lightweight strengthened alumina-silicate Ion-X glass that’s “especially resistant to scratches and impact.” Apple’s Sport collection also features a lightweight anodized aluminum casing in either silver or space gray.

Different Color Apple Watch Sport Collection

Apple Watch Edition Collection:

The Edition collection is Apple’s high-end luxury lineup, featuring casings crafted from 18-karat yellow or rose gold. The Edition collection’s gold casings are paired with the Modern Buckle, the Sport Band, and the Classic Buckle, creating six different options. Apple metallurgists have designed the gold in the Edition watches to be up to twice as hard as standard gold, which will help keep it free from nicks and scratches. Like the Apple Watch collection, the Edition collection features a polished sapphire crystal display that’s highly durable and scratch-resistant.

18-Karat Yellow Gold Apple Watch Edition

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